We provide complete design, fabrication, and installation for LPG and a complete solution for storage and transportation.

Since our expertise already lies in the fields of Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Plant-Commissioning, Maintenance, and Mechanical work completion, we have also extended our services to Audits & Inspection, Testing & Certification, or Re-certification of Propane/LPG/Pentane/Petroleum class A/B bulk storage installations. We also cater to the needs of mobile road tankers for Inspection and certification.

Road Tankers, equipment, and machinery involved in mounded bullets, Horton Spheres, used for storage of LPG, pressure vessels, rail wagons, piping for petroleum products, including those requiring low-temperature application, reticulated gas systems, all conforming to National and International standards.

  • Periodic Inspection, testing, and certification of in-service pressure vessels including Mounded bullets, Spheres, Road and Rail tank wagons (including dome fittings) as per SMPV(U) Rules 2016
  • Repair and modification of Pressure vessels, with prior approval from CCE, Nagpur in the advisory capacity.
  • NDT Inspection: DPT, Hardness Test, WFMPT, UT, In-situ Metallography, Radiography, PAUT/TOFD.
  • Localised Heat Treatment, Pre-heating, Stress Relieving, Hydrogen Diffusion Treatment.
  • Failure Analysis, Metallurgical Health Assessment-Reusability Study.
  • Wet and dry calibration of Bullets, Spheres, Storage tanks, etc.
  • Settlement Check.
  • Pipeline loop hydro testing in refinery and processing units.
  • Guidance and supervision of restoration consequent to major defects of existing Horton Spheres, Bullets, Mobile Tankers, and Storage Tanks as per codes and statutes.
  • Stage inspection from Plan approval to Final check and stamping.
  • Complete shutdown inspection and testing turnkey of plants on urgent (crash) programs.
  • Supply of technical and skilled manpower and to do overall quality supervision and audit. Services for production at shops and at project sites in respect of the Codes of Construction.
  • Fire insulation, fire proofing, repair and restoration, modification of related piping and pressure vessels.