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SSV Vessels Private Limited is excited to announce the launch of QR Coded Cylinder Tags. These tags are an innovative way to manage cylinder inventory.

Complying to the latest mandate and abiding to the amendment made to the Gas Cylinder Rules-2016, as stated in the notification CG-DL-E-27012022-232923 dated 20th January, 2022, in the Gazette Of India, our unique offering gives our client the peace of mind by eliminating the decade old hassles faced in the Cylinder Inventory Management by the cylinder industry.

QR Coded Cylinder Tags are easy to use and can be scanned by any smartphone or dedicated scanners. The tag contains information about the cylinder, such as its maintenance history, inspection dates, and specifications.

QR Coded Cylinder Tags are also tamper-proof, which makes them difficult to counterfeit.

SSV Vessels Private Limited is confident that QR Coded Cylinder Tags will be a valuable asset to your business.