SSV Vessels Pvt. Ltd. undertakes turnkey projects for the Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of LPG Bottling Plants. The plants are designed in accordance with PESO norms and OISD guidelines.

  • EPC Contractor for
  • LPG Bottling Plants
  • LPG Blending cum Bottling Plants
  • LPG Industrial Installations

The company installs bottling plants conforming to the latest LPG Guidelines as practiced in the country of Operation. For the Indian Subcontinent, M/s SSV Vessels Pvt. Ltd., installs OISD 169 and OISD 144 Compliant Plants. All the key features of the above guidelines are followed by us along with the statutory requirements of PESO and other Government of India regulations.

The key tasks performed by SSV Vessels Pvt. Ltd. are as under:

  • Land Survey – To determine the suitability of Land for the Installation of an LPG Plant
  • Designing – Placement of various units of the Plant in concept as per PESO Guidelines
  • Supply – Procurement and Supply of all materials as per the statutory laws of the land and to suit the requirements of the Plant.
  • Installation – Installing all machinery as per the norms and requirements of the design approval.
  • Commissioning – Commissioning of the Bottling facility by ensuring proper filling of LPG Cylinders.

M/s SSV Vessels Pvt. Ltd. installs both Carousal-Operated and Filling machine operated plants. Customization of machinery based on the customer’s intended production capacity is also taken into account when recommending the type of plant best suited to the client. From manually operated to semi-automatic operation to fully automated plants, M/s SSV Vessels Pvt. Ltd. provides all solutions to the client.

Installation of LPG Industrial Installation

SSV Vessels Pvt. Ltd. now offers Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of LPG Storage Installations catering to industries that require LPG either as a fuel or as a raw material depending on their applications. Our offerings comply with the applicable standards and norms delivering the highest standards in quality of materials, functionality and safety.