Petroleum Tankers and Bowsers

We are PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation) approved fabricators for the manufacturing of petroleum tankers and doorstep delivery Bowsers for Industrial supplies.

Stationary equipment, such as generator sets, earth-moving equipment, and heavy machinery used on building sites, mobile towers, and so on, have a high demand for fuel, but they may not have the capability to access a filling station to refill it or the resources to store it to meet their fuel consumption needs. Fixing this issue, our offering called the “Fuel Dootum” also provides better business prospects.

Our bowsers stand out from the competition by employing best-in-class filling and dispensing equipment, complying with the PESO guidelines, and having hassle-free certification and approval assisted at our end, which is now a mandate.
Our services with this product include:-

  1. Loan availability at the lowest rates.
  2. Direct vehicle purchase from the manufacturer, which is a direct saving.
  3. Best available insurance offers.
  4. Avail 1 year of optional service and maintenance at attractive prices

Product Range:

Storage Tank
Capacity1000 Litres and above.
ApplicationRetail Outlet or Industrial Installation.                                                                                  
DimensionTo suit Client Requirement.
Road Tankers
Capacity10000 Litres to 30000 Litres.
ApplicationTransportation of Petrol/Diesel Fuel from Depot to Retail station.                                     
VehicleAll Approved Make.
DimensionTo suit Chassis requirement.
TypeTop Loading and Bottom Loading.
Capacity1000 Litres to 6000 Litres.
ApplicationDoor Delivery of Diesel Fuel from Retail outlet to Industrial Installation/ Point of Use.
VehicleAll Approved Make.
DimensionTo suit Chassis requirement.
TypeBottom Loading with Dispenser.