Electric LPG Filling Machine Inline/Offline

  • Supply and Installation of Automatic Online/Offline Electronic Filling Machines are designed to fill LPG Cylinder of variable sizes ranging from 5Kg to 21Kg.

Automatic Weight Correction Unit

  • The Supply and Installation of the Online Weight Correction Unit is designed to correct under or overweight filled cylinders rejected by the check scale unit.
  • Efficiency 40 Cylinder/Hour.
  • Resolution 50 gram
  • HMI Display for Status and Fault.


  • Check-weighing scale for accurate and quick weighing of filled LPG Cylinders
    on a net weight basis.
  • Automatic Rejection of under/overweight cylinders.
  • Easy to calibrate and zero setting.
  • Can be communicated a with PC for Data Collection.
  • Resolution 50 grams

Chain Conveyor System

  • Fabrication, Supply, and Installation of a Chain Conveyor System in LPG Filling Sheds.
  • A chain conveyor facilitates automation in the Filling of LPG Cylinders. The entire system consists of various sections, e.g., Drive, Bend, Straight, T-section, Pushers, Stoppers etc.
  • Our Chains are made of graded steel for long life.
  • All structures are designed and fabricated as per specification.
  • For a long lasting surface finish, shot blasting and either Powder coating or Painting are done.
  • For uneven flooring, the conveyor’s height can be adjusted to 40mm.
  • A UHM-Wear Strip provided on the chain track for a longer life of the chain and conveyor.
  • Variable speeds of the Conveyor can be achieved by Frequency Drive (Optional).

Telescopic Conveyor

  • Our in-house designed and fabricated telescopic conveyor is suitable to load and unload LPG cylinders into the truck.
  • The machine has a capacity of 1200 cyl/hr and a chain speed of 16 metres per minute.
  • The boom approach length is 6 Mtr.

PLC-Based Purging Unit

  • Supply and Installation of PLC-Based Purging Unit.
  • This unit is used to create a vacuum in the first stage and fill it with LPG vapour in the second stage of a new or hot-repaired cylinder.
  • It eliminates the possibility of storing an explosive mixture of LPG and Air in the cylinder.
  • Equipped with FLP enclosures,
  • The entire system has various safety and interlocking features.

Hot Air Sealing Unit

  • A Hot air sealing machine is designed for the safe and efficient shrinking of thermo/cut glues around LPG Valves.
  • Automatic Protection against Overheating.
  • Input voltage 230 v/c.
  • Inline Installation.
  • Capacity – 1200 Cyl/Hr.
  • Offline Portable Type machines are also available.

Inline Cylinder Dip Testing (Test Bath)

  • Filled LPG Cylinders are passed through a water tank to detect Leakage of LPG through the Cylinder body or bung.
  • This consists of water through a guide rail and an integral chain conveyor Installed along the length of the Test bath.
  • The LPG Cylinders are allowed to enter the test bath through gravity at the entry point and exit through a chain conveyor.
  • During the movement, the leakage is detected by observing the bubble.

Washing Unit 

  • The Washing Unit is a piece of online equipment used to wash/clean the incoming cylinder.
  • It has a multiple-forced jet of water strikes on the surface of the cylinder to remove mud, dirt stains, etc.

Dryer Unit

  • This unit is an inline piece of equipment.
  • As the cylinder comes out of the washing unit, it is dried by blowing air on its sides and top surface as it moves along the chain conveyor system.

Evacuation Unit

  • This machine is designed to evacuate LPG from the cylinder whenever it is required to change the valve.
  • This is an offline/inline piece of equipment that is capable of evacuating a batch of 1 to 6 cylinders at a time.
  • The LPG cylinders are conveyed on to the unit by means of a 4-chain conveyor.
  • The stand where the Cylinders are locked during evacuation is capable of tilting 180°.